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April 28th 2018

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Les Vins


The Coteaux d’Aix en Provence Appellation covers a quiet hilly area of 3500 hectares (8750 acres), in the middle of which you will find the famous Sainte Victoire Mountain. Since 2005, the gravity cellar allows us to minimize pump use which facilitates our wine’s potential. The cellar also have temperature controlled tanks and a barrels storehouse. From the art of blending, our wines find their elegancy. The power of the Cabernet Sauvignon mixes effortlessly with the fruitiness of the Grenache and the spicy aromas of the Syrah; the roundness of the Grenache Blanc enhances the aromatic complexity of the Sauvignon Blanc. Château Paradis has two ranges of wines: – Château Paradis is on the roundness and the fruit – Terre des anges is the reflection of the terroir and its unique minerality.